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S.M.A.C.W.L. stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Workflow, and Language, the big six technologies diffusing throughout healthcare, upending traditional health IT vendors, and creating opportunities for others. The first four tech trends have already been "acronym-ized" as SMAC. I added Workflow and Language. SMAC is really a new platform for creating and delivering health information management services less expensively to a wider audience of clinicians and patients, and everyone else who supports that relationship. But I believe it is the workflow and language technologies, which SMAC will deliver to the point-of-care and point-of-health, that will make possible smarter, more efficient, and more flexible digital health. Read my Welcome for more about S.M.A.C.W.L. Also, many thanks to TEDMED and The Hive for the first subset of S.M.A.C.W.L. profiles: TEDMED “The Hive” Companies and The Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Workflow and Language Technologies.

Sense Health Executes Customizable Scripts to Send Text Messages to Patients

I've written elsewhere about the need to include people and patients in health IT workflows. Sense Health does so using customizable scripts (resembling workflow system process definitions) to drive text messages. I'd love to get a comment from the workflow tech/business process management community about this intersection of process-aware technology and patient engagement.

From the Sense Health website:

What's a Script?

A Script is a schedule of text messages that supports people in between healthcare appointments. Scripts replace static paper instructions with interactive and tailored content that is delivered to people at the right time for the best support.

Where does Script content come from?

To start, we've gathered content for Scripts that deliver support in the keys areas in healthcare today. However, Scripts are designed to be customized, tweaked, re-created, broken down, and built back up by health professionals like yourself. In the future, you'll be able to share the scripts you create/customize with other professionals in your field. It's time to unlock support for the masses.

How are Scripts structured?

Scripts are structured around the latest research on mobile health interventions. But, we don't want you to get too caught up in structure. We'll automatically help guide you while you create and customize Scripts of your own so you can focus on what you're saying, not how you're saying it. Learn more about our methodologies.

How long are Scripts?

A script can be as short as a single day, and as long as twenty eight days. Beyond a month, we recommend using a new Script since so much can change in four weeks. 

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By the way, Sense Health was showcased at TEDMED in The Hive. Also see my post I Received Social Media Credentials to Cover 2013 TEDMED!


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