POW! HIT! People & Organizations improving Workflow w/Health Info Tech
POW! HIT! People & Organizations improving Workflow w/Health Info Tech

WFM/BPM systems are the “spider in the web” connecting different technologies


Business Process Management: A Comprehensive Survey

"Another concern addressed by BPM research is the reliability of the resulting information system. WFM/BPM systems are often the “spider in the web” connecting different technologies. For example, the BPM system invokes applications to execute particular tasks, stores process-related information in a database, and integrates different legacy and web-based systems. Different components may fail resulting in loss of data and parts of the systems that are out of sync. Ideally, the so-called ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) are ensured by the WFM/BPM system; atomicity: an activity is either successfully completed in full (commit) or restarted from the very beginning (rollback), consistency: the result of an activity leads to a consistent state, isolation: if several tasks are carried out simultaneously, the result is the same as if they had been carried out entirely separately, and durability: once a task is successfully completed, the result must be saved persistently to ensure that work cannot be lost. In the second half of the nineties many database researchers worked on the so-called workflow transactions, that is, long-running transactions ensuring the ACID properties at a business process level [40, 109–113]. Business processes need to be executed in a partly uncontrollable environment where people and organizations may deviate and software components and communication infrastructures may malfunction. Therefore, the BPM system needs to be able to deal with failures and missing data. Research on workflow transactions [40, 109–113] aims to gracefully handle exceptions and maintain system integrity at all times." (my emphasis)


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