POW! HIT! People & Organizations improving Workflow w/Health Info Tech
POW! HIT! People & Organizations improving Workflow w/Health Info Tech

POW! HIT! Profiles

EHRworkflow.com celebrates People and Organizations improving Workflow in Healthcare with Ideas and Technology (or Info Tech): POW! HIT! These people and organizations deserve recognition for their efforts. If you're listed here, help yourself to a POW!HIT! badge and link back here. Congratulations! You're helping to improve workflow in healthcare!


P.S. Resemblance of the POW! HIT! logo to the 1960 Batman TV show fight graphics is entirely intentional.

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Chuck Webster MD MSIE MSIS

With degrees in Accountancy, Industrial Engineering, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, and Medicine, Dr. Webster can see around corners. He designed the first undergraduate program in Medical Informatics, was CMIO for an EHR vendor, and wrote the first three winning applications for the HIMSS Davies Award for EHR Ambulatory Excellence. Chuck opines about healthcare workflow and related and unrelated topics from @wareFLO (#HIMSS13 Top Tweeter) and DMV: the District, Maryland, and Virginia.

Society for Health Systems

The Society for Health Systems (SHS) is a society of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), a professional association that serves the professional needs of industrial engineers throughout the world. The society's mission is to contribute to the improvement of healthcare processes through systems engineering, analysis, and process improvement methods.

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SHS deserves a POW! HIT! Profile due to what it (collectively) knows, believes and stands for. From their Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference webpage: "Process improvement is the only way for health systems to advance. The problems of the struggling healthcare industry can only be remedied with a focus on engineering systems for better quality, productivity and efficiency."

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0 #1 Amanda Mewborn 2013-03-04 19:45
The Society for Health Systems just wrapped up the annual Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference in New Orleans! It was a fantastic opportunity for networking, learning strong content, and catching the buzz on healthcare improvement. I hope you can join us next year in Orlando in late February!

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