POW! HIT! People & Organizations improving Workflow w/Health Info Tech
POW! HIT! People & Organizations improving Workflow w/Health Info Tech

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EHRworkflow.com celebrates People and Organizations improving Workflow in Healthcare with Ideas and Technology (or Info Tech): POW! HIT! These people and organizations deserve recognition for their efforts. If you're listed here, help yourself to a POW!HIT! badge and link back here. Congratulations! You're helping to improve workflow in healthcare!


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Chuck Webster MD MSIE MSIS

With degrees in Accountancy, Industrial Engineering, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, and Medicine, Dr. Webster can see around corners. He designed the first undergraduate program in Medical Informatics, was CMIO for an EHR vendor, and wrote the first three winning applications for the HIMSS Davies Award for EHR Ambulatory Excellence. Chuck opines about healthcare workflow and related and unrelated topics from @wareFLO (#HIMSS13 Top Tweeter) and DMV: the District, Maryland, and Virginia.


M*Modal is the leading provider of interactive clinical documentation and Speech and Natural Language Understanding technology, as well as medical transcription.

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M*Modal deserves a POW! HIT! Profile due to the sophisticated workflow management systems technology they use to make speech recognition and natural language processing as usable as possible for their physician users.

Check out my interview with M*Modal's Chief Scientist: Natural Language Processing and Healthcare Workflow: Interview with M*Modal’s Chief Scientist Juergen Fritsch, Ph.D.

Download: pow-hit-400-133.jpg


0 #2 Chuck Webster MD MSIE MSIS 2013-05-08 19:46
Thank you very much Juergen!

The convergence of natural language process technology with workflow management system technology fascinates me. NLP engineering includes workflow management system-like "pipelines." Computational linguistics, the science behind the engineering, includes research into plan recognition and conversational turn-taking. Workflow research includes representing plans and action sequences and, potentially, interactions among intelligent agents.

I wrote elsewhere, in a blog post about workflow, not language, the following:

"Speech recognition and natural language processing technology is a special workflow case. The advantage of this tech is not just that speaking is faster than clicking (not always true, by the way), but that SR/NLP tech typically relies on more sophisticated workflow technology to weave it into point-of-care workflow. Early on this had to be true because layers of workflow were required to catch and correct speech recognition errors.

Now that SR is so good, this workflow technology uses context (the who-what-why-wh en-where-and-ho w of what users say or, heaven forbid, type) to automatically drive workflows. It turns tasks that otherwise require human intervention into tasks executed automatically by a workflow engine.

Right now, speech recognition and natural language processing is viewed an adjunct and value add-on to EHRs, to make them more usable and useful. However, in the not too distant future, as SR/NLP platforms add more-and-more EHR-like functionality, we’re going to seen some very interesting competition: “Don’t buy a clunky EHR when you can have a Meaningful Use certified SR/NLP smartphone that sings!”

Horse and carriage? Love and marriage? Workflow and language? I think so!

Anyway, thank you again. I enjoy your ComputerWorld posts and hope to read many more.

0 #1 Juergen Fritsch 2013-05-08 19:05
Chuck – always a pleasure to debate the state of our industry with you – our last conversation inspired some additional thinking that wound up in Computerworld - bit.ly/Yjy1LE Thanks for including M*Modal on the POW! HIT! Index!

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