POW! HIT! People & Organizations improving Workflow w/Health Info Tech
POW! HIT! People & Organizations improving Workflow w/Health Info Tech

POW! HIT! Profiles

EHRworkflow.com celebrates People and Organizations improving Workflow in Healthcare with Ideas and Technology (or Info Tech): POW! HIT! These people and organizations deserve recognition for their efforts. If you're listed here, help yourself to a POW!HIT! badge and link back here. Congratulations! You're helping to improve workflow in healthcare!


P.S. Resemblance of the POW! HIT! logo to the 1960 Batman TV show fight graphics is entirely intentional.

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Chuck Webster MD MSIE MSIS

With degrees in Accountancy, Industrial Engineering, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, and Medicine, Dr. Webster can see around corners. He designed the first undergraduate program in Medical Informatics, was CMIO for an EHR vendor, and wrote the first three winning applications for the HIMSS Davies Award for EHR Ambulatory Excellence. Chuck opines about healthcare workflow and related and unrelated topics from @wareFLO (#HIMSS13 Top Tweeter) and DMV: the District, Maryland, and Virginia.

ICW Care Manager Uses BPM-Based Form Designer

ICW Care Manager (ICW CM) is a flexible, Web-based solution for state-of-the-art care management. It offers modern analysis and reporting processes that permit the systematic classification of patient populations. ICW CM also intelligently controls monitoring of and interactions with patient groups based on evidence-based guidelines. In doing so it supports interdisciplinary cooperation and team-based treatment methods to facilitate the evaluation of processes and quality of results.

Payers and care providers can use ICW CM to improve their care processes for specific population groups, analyze results and, if necessary, make adjustments. Workflows can be easily adapted to suit the specific requirements of individual care models. Coordinated workflows help to address patients proactively. ICW Care Manager is designed to support and improve the efficiency of diverse care models in case, disease and utilization management.

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I am highlighting ICW in a POW!HIT! Profile due to its innovative (for healthcare) FormDesigner. (Emphasis is mine.)

  • Unified editor offering different views to the form (graphical WSYIWIG-editor, script programming, XML-definition, PDF-preview)
  • Drag-and-Drop support for creating form templates based on a comprehensive library of controls (see All-In-One Show Case)
  • Image based, detailed replication of existing standard paper forms
  • Already filled out fields through catalog systems referencing to data base content ("Data Binding")
  • Dynamic control of the data flow by means of business process modeling (BPMN 2.0)
  • Integration of complex business logics through integrated scripting (ActionScript, JavaScript)
  • Multi-language support, printing function
  • Rendering of forms in Flash or HTML5
  • Easy integration into third party systems through a well-defined form API (REST-Interface)
  • Forms available on the Web, in desktop applications and on mobile devices

Download: pow-hit-400-133.jpg

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