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S.M.A.C.W.L. stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Workflow, and Language, the big six technologies diffusing throughout healthcare, upending traditional health IT vendors, and creating opportunities for others. The first four tech trends have already been "acronym-ized" as SMAC. I added Workflow and Language. SMAC is really a new platform for creating and delivering health information management services less expensively to a wider audience of clinicians and patients, and everyone else who supports that relationship. But I believe it is the workflow and language technologies, which SMAC will deliver to the point-of-care and point-of-health, that will make possible smarter, more efficient, and more flexible digital health. Read my Welcome for more about S.M.A.C.W.L. Also, many thanks to TEDMED and The Hive for the first subset of S.M.A.C.W.L. profiles: TEDMED “The Hive” Companies and The Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Workflow and Language Technologies.

Breathwear Streams Breathing Patterns to a Smartphone for Real-time Monitoring and Guidance

Breathwear streams breathing patterns to a smartphone for real-time monitoring and guidance. It's virtually invisible yet tracks physical behavior (i.e., steps) and mental/emotional behavior (anxiety, calm), making it a consumer-friendly means of providing real-time anticipation, prevention, and recovery from asthma attacks, hypertension, chronic pain, PTSD, and other stress- and cardiorespiratory-related disorders.

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By the way, Breathwear was showcased at TEDMED in The Hive. Also see my post I Received Social Media Credentials to Cover 2013 TEDMED!


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