POW! HIT! People & Organizations improving Workflow w/Health Info Tech
POW! HIT! People & Organizations improving Workflow w/Health Info Tech

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The is a "sidekick" blog to my main blog EHR Workflow Management Systems at ChuckWebster.com. There I publish long, complicated, thoughtful blogs thousands of words in length. Here? Not so much. It's mostly for snippets of content too big for a tweet but too small to grace the main deck of the mothership.

If you're looking for my POW! HIT! Profiles, they're here (explanation and most recent) and here (alphabetical index). POW! HIT! stands for People and Organizations improving Workflow in Healthcare with Information Technology (or Ideas and Technology, depending on context). However, I'll write or post content relevant to POW! HIT! on this and the mother blog. Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment!

Chuck Webster MD MSIE MSIS

With degrees in Accountancy, Industrial Engineering, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, and Medicine, Dr. Webster can see around corners. He designed the first undergraduate program in Medical Informatics, was CMIO for an EHR vendor, and wrote the first three winning applications for the HIMSS Davies Award for EHR Ambulatory Excellence. Chuck opines about healthcare workflow and related and unrelated topics from @wareFLO (#HIMSS13 Top Tweeter) and DMV: the District, Maryland, and Virginia.

Hajo Reijers of Perceptive SW on Healthcare BPM 9: Twitter's Fun, But Is It Useful?

9. I believe we connected through Twitter. Did I find and follow you first? You’re lots of fun to follow, by the way. Links you share are interesting. And you are very interactive, retweeting and replying and so forth. I’m sure you’d agree that Twitter is fun. But is it useful?

I recall that I found you. You were Tweeting long before I started. Yes, it's highly useful, I would say. First, I thought that Twitter is mainly used by people who wanted to share things like: "Just taken a shower" , "Off to work", and "Busy with stuff". I found out that when you follow the right people that this is an efficient way of becoming aware of great content. In other words, I most value the filtering function Twitter provide me with.

Question 10 (Give Us A Tweet, Guv!) and Hajo Reijers' answer will be published very soon.

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Feel free to catch up on earlier portions of this interview with Hajo Reijers of Perceptive Software:







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